Me racing at Henley

[Me racing
at Henley]

This was my last race for King's College Boat Club as an undergraduate, and my last race as Captain that year. We raced at Henley Royal Regatta, June 1997, in the qualifying event for the Temple Challenge - even though boats slower than us from Cambridge had been pre-qualified. We were the fastest non-qualifyer in the race, which was very annoying; we missed qualifying by about a quarter of a length, over a 2.2km course.

The crew was: bow: Colin Rickman, Tim Granger, John Thompson, Mikko Vaananen, Ben Beaumont, Mark Galle, Jack Wasey, Matt Hammer, cox: Fiona MacFarlane.

Since then, I've gone back to Kings, and have been Captain again, and again just failed to qualify for Henley...