Cam specific information

There are about 30 rowing clubs that use the same stretch of water, that in most places can only just about get 2 boats side by side. These means that it is vital to stick to the rules about where you should be on the river. You will learn all the landmarks on the Cam by experience, but here are some general remarks: Included in this document is a map of the section of the River Cam that we generally row along. Most outings we set off from the Boathouse (which is marked on the map, number 6) travelling downstream. Our boats will generally travel down to Baitsbite Lock, spin and come back to the Pike and Eel Pub. A single shuffle outing would then return back to the boathouse. If the crew is doing a double shuffle the boat would spin and go back to Baitsbite Lock, and then spin and go home. This is the normal for a senior crew.

General points: