Getting the boat out and into the boathouse

The boats are stored upside-down on racks, which slide out. They go in stern first. The crew needs to stand opposite their riggers, half the crew on each side. The procedure is then:

'HANDS ON' The crew get hold of the boat
'RACKS OUT' The crew slides the boat towards the middle of the bay on the racks
'LIFTING ON 3. 1, 2, 3' The crew lift the boat a couple of inches upwards and move into the middle of the bay.
'RACKS IN' People next to the racks push them in.
'LIFTING TO SHOULDERS ON 3. 1, 2, 3' The crew lift the boat and rest it on their shoulders.
'WALKING OUT, WATCHING THE RIGGERS' The crew walks to boat outside, taking care not to hit other boats in the bay.
'CLEAR' Shout this when the stern clears the boathouse. The crew then swings the bows around to the left and moves to all stand next to the water
'ABOVE HEADS ON 3. 1, 2, 3' When the crew has the boat next to the water edge say this and the crew lifts the boat to above heads, all moving beneath the boat
'INTO THE WATER' The crew rolls the boat into the water, putting it in level and gently.

The crew then get their blades from the boathouse. The side whose blades are on the ground side (stroke side, for a normal outing) can put their blades on the gate, and then must hold the boat for bow side to get in. You can say something like 'BOW SIDE IN' at this point. They must put their blades in the gates and onto the water first, then put their feet in. At this point say 'STROKE SIDE IN' and stroke side can get in. You must continue to hold the side of the boat. You can then say 'NUMBER OFF FROM BOW WHEN YOU ARE READY'. When stroke numbers off they must all have numbered off, so you can get in. Check the cox-box is working, and the volume is all right. Look around and make sure it is safe to go out. Then ask the crew to push off from stroke side, so that you are in the middle of the river (they do this first with their hands and then their blades). You can then start your outing!

Coming back you must first land the boat - get it next to the bank. There are lots of techniques for this. One I find that works (if you and your crew are confident) is steering into the bank at an angle of about 20-30 degrees. When you get close give the 'EASY OARS' command so that you continue to drift towards the bank. Then with a combination of steering away from the bank and getting 2 and 4 to gently hold the boat up, the boat should come level to the bank close enough for you to reach, and jump out if necessary to stop the boat! However this technique does require co-operation from the crew, mainly 2 and 4.

To take the boat into the boathouse, reverse the commands given above - lift the boat to heads from the water (or to waists first, then to heads if the boat is too heavy), then split to shoulders - the crew going opposite their riggers. Walk the bows towards the far corner of the bank, then reverse the stern into the boathouse. Get the crew to put the racks out, then lower the boat on the racks, then push the racks in.