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Tina lives in London, married to an oil rigger, pots of money, luxury apartment, Ferrari, but bored shitless, as the old man is working away all the time. One steamy Sunday afternoon she grabs the Ferrari and goes for a drive. She comes across Rodney, standing at the traffic lights waiting to cross the road. She beckons him over and invites him for a ride. Half way round the block she invites him back to her place.

"Mix a couple of drinks," she says, "I'll just slip into something a little more comfortable".

She's back in a few minutes wearing a very, very shear negligee. She saunters up to him and asks if her appearance "makes him excited".

"Oh yes," he stammers, "I am quite excited".

"And tell me," she asks, "have you ever been this excited before?"

"Oh!" he replies, "I remember a few years back when I was full back for England at Twickers, against the All Blacks, I was quite excited then".

She tries to look impressed, slips off a strap and starts to fondle a tit.

"And tell me," she asks, "does this excite you?"

"Oh yes," he replies.

"And tell me," she asks, as she grabs his hand and rubs it against her chest."Have you ever been this excited before?"

"Oh yes," he replies, "I remember in the game against the All Blacks at Twickers, we had 1 minute to go and we were losing 20 points to 26, and I got the ball out of the scrum and I said to myself now come on old chap we need a try to win, and I got hold of the ball and started to run and the field opened up before me, so that there was nothing between me and the try line but Jonah Lomu, and I could hear the crowd cheering and I knew what a good tackler Jonah Lomu was, so I said to myself, there is only one thing to do old chap, so I chipped the ball over his head, side stepped him, got the bounce and went on to score a try right on time".

"I bet you were excited then?" she said, as she let the negligee drop to the floor.

"Oh yes I was quite excited," he said.

"And tell me," she asked as she grabbed his hand and thrust it between her legs. "Have you ever felt a cunt like this before?"

"Yes, when I missed the conversion."

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