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Irish joke

A very attractive young female speech pathologist was presented with three young Irishmen, all of whom stuttered. She spent many long hours working with them both individually and as a group. She tried everything in the book. Finally, totally perplexed by their lack of progress she called them all together one day.

"Paddy, Mick, Sean. I am at my wits end. I am willing to make you this bargain. If any of you, ANY of you can say the name of the town where he was born without stuttering then I will make love to you immediately. OK?"

She was greeted with three wide smiles and three heads nodding furiously.


"Tip-tip-t-t-t-t-iperary, damn!"

"Sorry Paddy. Mick?"

"Dub-dub-dub-dublin, damn!"

"Nice try Mick. Come on Sean your go."


A look of astonishment came over her face. She had made the bargain not expecting any of them to be able to say one word without stuttering.

"OK Sean. Off we go. We will be back soon guys. Take a seat"

After a while the two return from their love-making.

"Well Sean? You were very quiet in there. Do you have anything to say at all?"


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