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Sex and taxes

The country was in such a terrible state,
Parliament rose for a budget debate,
It was quite a few moments before Tony spoke
When he said "sex will cost ten quid a poke"

Whether you're short, long, skinny or thick,
The tax will be paid on the use of your prick,
Chris Smith said "now Tony, look here,
Will the tax still be paid for the boys who are queer?"

Treasurer Brown arose and looked glum,
"will I be exempt coz I only like bum?"
Tony replied and sounded quite airy
"you'll f***ing pay double, you dirty old fairy"

Up got John Major to tremendous applause,
He grabbed Margaret Beckett, and whipped off her drawers
He straddled across her and f***ed her at will
Then shouted at Tony "put that on your bill"

Prescott shouted "I think I'll resign"
I haven't had pussy for quite a long time
I dream every night of a big juicy crutch
But ten quid a jump is a bit f***ing much

The debate carried on, oh what a night
Cecil was bonking every woman in sight
The whole house was screwing, the speaker was too
And in the excitement, the dumb bill got through

So now in the bedrooms of England each night
There's many a fanny closed up good and tight
They're taxing our booze and taxing our smokes
And now the bastards are taxing our pokes

If ten pounds a time is the price we must pay,
It's now with ourselves that we must play,
So to quench our frustration, we must have a wank
For the state of our country, we have Tony to thank

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