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A guy came out of the pub after a few drinks and got the munchies. He was about to pass this Chinese and he thought, "Great, I can have my favourite take away."

He went in and ordered no 7, no 23, no 48, no 51, no 72, no 83 and Some prawn crackers. 10 minutes later the meal was ready and he took the full carrier bag home.

When he got home he got out a plate and some cutlery. He was really looking forward to his meal. He opened up the carrier and couldn't believe his eyes. All the food was just piled into the bag and obviously it had all got mixed up and was just one big mess.

He grabbed the bag and went rushing back to the Chinese take away. He ran in and grabbed the little guy serving around the neck.

"Oy!" he said. "I've just bought this meal and it's all been mixed up together in the carrier bag."

"Solly," said the little Chinaman.

wait for it

"We're not allowed to put Chinese in containers any more."

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