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Terrestrial Eclipse

Astronomers have revealed that there will be a "Terrestrial Eclipse" tonight!

This happens when the Earth and the Sun are so aligned that half the Earth obscures the light of the Sun from the other half. This rare occurrence only happens every 24 hours and plunges 50% of the Earth into darkness.

The effect is made possible because one half of the Earth is exactly the same size as the other and so blocks all the sunlight that would otherwise fall on the other side. Vast crowds of people are expected to fall unconscious as the light and heat from the Sun are removed, in a state called "sleep".

Animals may similarly be affected and pet owners are advised to give their animals a saucer of milk as the light fades. It is suggested that the eclipse will be best viewed from home although motoring organisations have warned that there may be hold-ups as people prepare to view the eclipse. They also recommend use of lights when driving during the eclipse.

Scientists predict there may well be another Terrestrial Eclipse tomorrow.

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