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Payne Stewart jokes

How does Payne Stewart's jet depressurize?
When it gets a hole in one.

Unlike his Golf Balls,
Payne did not stay in the air very long!

Obviously Payne Stewart won the tournament...
He finished 6 under.

St Peter to Payne Stewart...
"Serves you right for wearing those f***ing pants!"

Where can you find Payne Stewart's new line of clothing?
All over South Dakota.

Stewart's last words?
Hey, what does this latch do?

What does Big Bird and Payne Stewart have in common?
Both are goofy looking and neither one can fly.

No, the plane went down with FIVE.

John Denver, JFK Jr, and now Stewart.
They go in 3's ... what a Payne!

What is Payne Stewarts' handicap?
His flight crew.

Uh oh, Payne Stewart's driver has gone cold...
He's as good as dead.

There was a young golfer called Payne,
Who decided to fly in a plane.
He ran out of air,
His fuel tanks ran bare,
And now his whole life's down the drain.

If a birdie is 1 under and an eagle 2 under...
Is a 5 under a Lear ?

What does Monica Lewinsky and Payne Stewart have in common.
They both wore ugly hats and went down.
Why didn't Payne Stewart win more championships.
Prefers to work under pressure!

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